Hi, I am Vasilaki Tocili

jack of all trades

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What I do

Embedded Software Engineering

I am working as an Embedded Software Engineer at CodeChem Inc.

My hobbies


Photography is mainly a hobby of mine, but also I have done some professional photoshoots. I want to express myself through the photos I take and capture the moment. I enjoy story-telling my adventures and the best way is to accompany them with photos, therefore I made an Instagram account solely to tell photo-stories there.

Graphic design

Since I was a child, I explored wild ideas and designs, I even tried to draw them and I can say that I was good at it. The professional journey of my graphic design career started when I attended an Illustrator course and I think since then I fell in love with it. I started practicing it as much as my free time allowed, but surely I want to continue and one day make a living out of it.

Exploring new domains

Things that are out of my comfort zone and I am working on them right now are optical illusions. I started exploring them firstly in 2D since I didn't know any 3D software, but I got motivated from Instagram accounts that I follow. Also I got super motivated from the Unreal Engine 5 training at M3DS Academy and recently I cannot stop thinking and designing ideas in my head. I also got an e-book about optical illusions and can't wait to read, analyze, learn and implement things from it...

My Work

About me

Embedded Software Engineer based in Skopje

The future is a challenge that I want to turn into an unforgettable memory, so I want to do a lot of adventurous, spontaneous things, that come to me on the spot. Of course I know there will be a lot of setbacks, but I know that at the end of the day I will be bigger than them and I will get the best out of it.

In my free time I enjoy art, whether it's music, photography or writing essays, that's what I like to do. I occasionally go on adventures in the mountains and create content for social media that I publish with great care and effort. I also enjoy spending time with friends and people in general.

My strengths are openness to challenges, friendliness, creative thinking, perseverance, ambition and uniqueness.

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Vasilaki Tocili

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